Learn more about what to see in the area of the Gulf of Bagatti! Here you can find information about the places to visit, the nature and parks in the area.

Parco-rimigliano Rimigliano Park

Kilometers of free beach and pristine sea, from Torraccia to San Vincenzo, protected by coastal dunes, Mediterranean scrub and a shady and refreshing pine forest

populonia Populonia

Populonia is a fraction of the town of Piombino in the province of Livorno.
It also includes the town Populonia Station and is part of the Populonia-Fiorentina District.
In ancient times it was one of the largest and most important Etruscan and Roman cities.

golfo-bagatti The Gulf of Baratti

The Gulf of Baratti is situated in the northern end of the Gulf Municipality of Piombino, along the west coast of the Italian peninsula. In its northern part it is crossed by the 43rd parallel of the northern hemisphere. The Gulf takes its name from the town of Baratti, located at the southern end, near which are the ancient Etruscan mounds and archaeologic sites.

terme-di-calidario-big Calidario

Calidario was the part of the Roman Baths destined to the baths in hot water and steam. The ancient Roman Baths consisted generally of a series of rooms, with the frigidarium room in the centre, usually circular, with a domed roof and water at low temperature, followed from the tepidarium, with water at a lukewarm temperature, and finally from the caldarium, generally facing south, with hot water basins.

campliglia_marittima Campiglia Marittima

Medieval centre dominated by the recently restored fortress.
Nearby the charming excavations of Rocca San Silvestro, a medieval site built in function of the mining activity on an isolated rocky peak, surrounded by the Mediterranean.

suvereto Suvereto

Perfectly preserved medieval centre with important buildings of great historic value – artistic, such as the town hall and the Romanesque church of San Giusto, just outside the walls. It has been included among the most beautiful towns in Italy.

san_vincenzo San Vincenzo

Seaside tourist centre with a modern marina and characterized by bathing establishments and unspoiled beaches stretching for kilometers to the north, lined by the wild nature of a private nature reserve..

bolgheri Bolgheri

Small village built in stages between 600 and 800 by the Counts della Gherardesca, has remained intact to this day. The quaint village has developed around the medieval castle, which stands on a small hill reachable through the beautiful cypress avenue.

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